Video & Audio Recording Release

The Author declares that he/she owns the copyright of all materials being presented.

The Author grants the following rights and permission to Promenade Media Group, Inc., (Medical Digest / Congress Report is a member of Promenade Media Group), its legal representatives and assigns, those for whom it is acting, and those acting with its authority and permission:

  1. The right to record the authors image, photograph, picture, likeness, and/or voice by any technology means.
  2. The right to copy, use, perform, display and distribute such images and recordings, including but not limited to distribution by means of streaming or other technologies via the Internet, or distribution of audio or video files (e.g. webcast, podcasts, etc.) for download by the public.
  3. The right to combine such recordings with other images, recordings, or printed matter in the production of video, audio recordings, still photography or any other media.
  4. The right to record, reproduce, amplify, and simulate the author’s image and all sound effects produced.
  5. The unrestricted right and permission to copyright under Promenade Media Group and its magazines, newsletters and websites, the use, re-use, publication, and republication of recordings of the author or in which the author may be included, in whole or in part.
  6. These recordings may be included intact or in part or composite, without restriction, through any and all media now or hereafter known for publication, art, editorial, advertising, educational, illustration, trade, or any other promotional purpose whatsoever. The author also permits the use of any printed material or electronic distribution on connection therewith.
  7. The author relinquishes any right that he/she may have to examine or approve the completed product or products or the written copy or printed matter that may be used in conjunction therewith or the use to which it may be applied.

The author affirms that he/she is over the age of majority and have the right to contract in his/her own name and that he/she have read the above authorization, release and agreement, prior to its execution; and he/she fully understand the contents thereof.

The Author releases and forever discharges Promenade Media Group, Inc., Medical Digest / Congress Report and their employees from any and all claims, demands, rights and causes of action, caused by or arising from Promenade Media Group’s and Medical Digest's / Congress Report’s exercise of the rights granted by the Author hereunder, including all claims for libel and invasion of privacy or infringement of rights of copyright and publicity.

This agreement shall be binding upon the author and their heirs, legal representatives and assigns.

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